Manderley Less Water Kentucky Bluegrass sod is the fastest and best way to achieve a beautiful, lush and weed-free lawn. Can save time and money because it requires as little as half the water of conventional grasses. PICKUP ONLY. CALL FOR DELIVERY.


A premium blend of 50% fast germinating Ryegrass, 30% Fine Fescue and 20% Kentucky Bluegrass. Great when used as an over seeding mix and when quick results are desired. 1KG

Coverage: 1 kg x 850 ft² (79 m²)

A premium blend of 40% Perennial ryegrass, 40% Fine Fescue and 20% Kentucky Bluegrass. Perfect in full sun and partial shade areas.

Coverage 1 kg x 965 ft² (89 m²)

Excellent for low traffic full-sun and partial shade areas, this seed mix can help to reduce time spent watering and mowing. 60% Fine Fescue, 20% Kentucky Bluegrass, 20% Ryegrass.

Coverage: 1 kg x 965 ft² (89 m²)

Superior quality blend of TWCA qualified cultivars, designed to perform in full sun and high traffic areas. 70% Kentucky Bluegrass, 30% Perennial Ryegrass.

Coverage: 1 kg x 1,900 ft² (176 m²)

Perfect for thickening and repairing existing lawns, especially pet damage. Quick Start blend coated with nutrients and moisture control creates the perfect conditions for quick and lasting results.

Coverage: 1 kg x 637.5 ft² (59 m²)

A specially formulated fertilizer designed to promote the rapid establishment and healthy growth of new sod or seed plantings.

Coverage - 1 kg x 403 ft² (37.5 m²)

Multi-purpose fertilizer designed to deliver essential nutrients to your lawn throughout the growing season.

Coverage - 10 kg x 350 ft² (32.5 m²)

Designed to kick-start a lawn into action after winter dormancy, this blend helps to strengthen and repair any lawn.

Coverage - 8 kg x 538 ft² (50 m²)

Designed to prepare a lawn for winter and reduce the impact of cold weather stress.

Coverage - 1 kg x 538 ft² (50 m²)