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Snow Services - Contractor Registration

Register to join the Rockland Snow Services Team!

Please submit the following documentation in this form to qualify to join our commercial snow removal team!

Required Documentation 

Certificate of insurance which evidences the following:

  1. A minimum of $2,000,000 commercial general liability.
  2. If applicable, a minimum of $2,000,000 automobile liability.
  3. The certificate must name "Rockland Landscaping Supplies Ltd." as additional insured.
  4. All policies shall provide that the insurance shall not be cancelled or changed to the prejudice of Rockland Landscaping Supplies Ltd. without at least thirty (30) days prior written notice given by the insurer to Rockland Landscaping Supplies Ltd.

Equipment in Use

List below all equipment that will be used to commence work at our locations:

Contractor Safety Agreement 

Rockland Landscaping Supplies Ltd is committed to conducting its operation in a manor that protects human health and the environment.  This commitment extends to our contractors.

Rockland requires that our contractors strive to minimize the health and safety risks to their employees and undertake the following contractor responsibilities:

  • Comply with all applicable safety, health and environment laws.
  • Comply with all responsibilities and aspects in the Rockland Landscaping Ltd., Contractor Safety Requirements document.
  • Report all incidents where personal injury, equipment or property damages, and near misses occur.
  • Submit a copy of current Workers Compensation Board clearance letter before starting any work.
  • Submit toolbox meeting and hazard inspection reports when requested.  Provided its strictly used on/for Rockland Landscaping Ltd. sites.
  • Ensure that equipment is in good mechanical condition and that all safety mechanisms, guards and warning alarms are fully functioning.
  • In the event of a stop-work order for a safety related issue, any time lost incurred will be charged by Rockland Landscaping Supplies Ltd to the contractor.
  • All costs that may be incurred by Rockland Landscaping Supplies Ltd for the safety training and/or fines due to Workplace Safety Health and Environment incidents (incurred by the contractor) will be charged to the contractor.

I have read and fully understand the Rockland Landscaping Supplies Ltd., Contractor Safety Requirement document.  I agree with all responsibilities in this agreement.  I understand that any breach of this agreement is grounds for termination of contract.

Contractor Safety Agreement Acceptance*