Our Bark Chips are a Douglas Fir blend that's great for flower beds and around trees.

$90.00 to $120.00

This mulch is a fine blend of Douglas Fir.

$75.00 to $105.00

Contains slight acidity and should be used cautiously around perennials and other small plants. Size varies between 3/4" -1 1/2".

$65.00 to $95.00

Can be used to fill low spots with drainage.

$30.00 to $60.00

Made of spruce, pine and fir. Available in black and red.

$70.00 to $100.00

City of Edmonton; great for garden mixes and lawn dressing.
*product supply will vary in wet conditions.

$46.00 to $76.00

100% Organic Mushroom Manure offers a good supply of nutrients to your garden and lawn. Consists of: composted wheat grass, sphagnum peat moss, horse and poultry manure, soybean meal and gypsum.

$46.50 to $76.50
$46.00 to $76.00

Consists of screened topsoil, peatmoss, horticultural sand, and mushroom manure.
*product supply will vary in wet conditions.

$49.00 to $79.00

Made from spruce and pine. Great for retaining moisture and weed suppression.

$65.00 to $95.00

Screened Topsoil is natural soil which has been passed through a screener to produce consistent fine soil. It is great for gardens, flower beds, and for sodding and seeding.
*product supply will vary in wet conditions.

$27.00 to $57.00

Tandem topsoil is delivered by the truckload. Each load includes 12 yards of material. Prices start at $225 per load depending on delivery location.

$225.00 to $385.00

Unscreened topsoil is a mixture of small and large dirt particles, good for filling uneven spots in your yard.

$10.00 to $40.00