Winter Services

To paraphrase a popular expression, there are two seasons in Alberta: landscaping and winter.

While your lawn and garden sleep through the winter, Rockland Landscaping Supplies provides 24-hour snow and ice clearing, beginning with the first snow fall and continuing to April 15. All of Rockland’s winter services are available on a per site visit basis or on monthly contracts. We offer a variety of service contracts to fit your needs and schedule, including first or second night clearings and emergency services.

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Snow Clearing

Eliminate the hassle of scheduling snow removal with our contract snow clearing, loading and hauling services. Your staff and customers will thank you. And you'll always be in bylaw compliance. 

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A trusted and reliable method providing traction for people and vehicles. Sanding can be scheduled by our project managers after each snow clearing on cotract or on an as-needed basis. 

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Ice Management

Discover the benefits of calcium chloride over salt with a higher melting capacity at lower temperatures. Perfect for Alberta roads, parking lots and sidewalks. Avoid the pain of slips, slides and outright flops for everyone.

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Street / Parking Lot Sweeping

Ensure your parking lot looks presentable and remains safe for customers and employees with Rockland's street/parking lot sweeping service.

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