Summer Services

Rockland Landscaping Supplies can provide everything you need to get your yard trimmed, pruned and polished for the summer season.

We are Alberta's leader for pickup and delivery of decorative landscaping supplies. We are able to deliver a wide variety of products from just a shovel full of bulk aggregate to truckloads of concrete products, paving stones, flagstone, or boulders. We can also offer rental services for any size of landscaping project or construction job.

Synthetic Grass

Rockland has a selection of synthetic grass that can provide artificial turf in your yard or on your patio. It can make high traffic areas look thick and lush all season long.
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Rock Core Drilling

Pick any boulder that Rockland has to offer and create a decorative feature in your yard. With our rock core drilling system, we can turn it into a water bubbler for you!

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Delivery Rates

Rockland offers reasonable delivery rates of our landscaping products to customers in the greater Edmonton area.

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Rock Sandblasting

Do you want your house number sandblasted onto a boulder or a sign for your business? Rockland can help you with this task.

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Tips & Resources

Rockland wants to share our knowledge of landscaping supplies and work with our customers. Take a look at our invaluable tips and resources that will help you with your landscaping projects.

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Hours of Operation

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