Accessories Pricing


Landscape Fabric


Weedpro Plus

4'x100' $42.99

Weed Barrier

3'x50' $22.99 
4'x100'  $60.99
6'x300'  $240.99

Weed Barrier Ultra 5

4'x100'  $120.99 
6'x250' $440.99 
12'x250'  $899.99 

Bulk Barrier



Garden Pins $0.25
Lawn Edging - Plastic  $17.54 
Steel Stakes  $0.77 
90 Degree Corner Elbow  $6.69 
90 Degree Corner Connector  $3.05 
Stake Kits (4 stakes 1 connector)  $4.54 
Aluminum - 16'Lx4"W c/w 5 stakes $62.01 
Stakes - (12" Long - use 5 stakes per piece $4.13 
Paver Restraints - 7.5' $11.70 
Metal Spikes  $0.50 
Landscape Adhesive   
300 ml  $5.41 
825 ml $10.91 

Benefits and Tips

WeedPro Plus

Entry level, not only controls weeds around tress and shrubs but retains moisture for improved root development.

  • Effective long term weed control
  • Controls weed seed germination
  • Air, water and nutrients pass quickly through the porous fabric

Weed Barrier

Woven landscape fabric specifically designed for professional growers.

  • Premium weed control
  • Woven construction is extremely tough and tear resistant
  • Virtually eliminates all light, stopping photosynthesis and seed germination

Weed Barrier Ultra

Designed specifically for professional landscaper who demand the highest professional grade product.

  • Woven polypropylene fabric is capped with polyester and needle-punched
  • Optimum weed control
  • Completely eliminates all light, stopping photosynthesis and seed germination
  • Allows air, water and nutrients to pass through quickly and easily
  • Retains moisture and promotes plant growth

Weed barrier available in many different widths and lengths, please ask for other available sizes.