What Do I Need to Know About Topsoil This Summer?

Many people are not aware of the many factors that impact the health and productivity of their soil. Understanding these elements is an important step in ensuring you have robust lawns, flowers and trees. Topsoil is collected from the topmost layer of the earth's surface. It is dark in colour and comprised mostly of organic matter, which makes it simple to till and ideal for growing shrubs and plants.

The material is scraped from the earth and sold in bulk, or smaller portions, and used for a vast range of agricultural and construction purposes. You may want buy topsoil that has been screened, which means any superfluous materials – small rocks, roots, debris – have been removed. Topsoil is most often priced by the cubic yard, and the cost will vary based on availability and location.

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How Much Topsoil Should I Use?

First, you must measure the square footage of the area to calculate cubic feet. If your plan is to fill in a garden bed, you have must at least eight inches of depth in topsoil. New sod will do best if you spread a layer of 3-6 inches of topsoil before you lay it down.

Experienced green thumbs know the basics about amendments for soil and checking and remedying trouble spots. But for the majority of us, soil can present confusion and mystery. There is one very important fact to remember – not all topsoil is the same!

Topsoil can differ greatly, even in the same yard, and from one bed to another. Almost all topsoil is comprised of sand, silt, and clay in different proportions. When mixed in just-right proportions (60 percent sand, 15 percent clay, and 25 percent silt) you will end up with the best garden soil mix and a perfect growing environment for plants.

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