Sand is a naturally occurring material, produced by Mother Nature, that has many indispensable purposes for the landscaping and construction industries. The most typical locations where sand is collected from are river banks and sand embankments such as beaches. There are numerous types of sand and sand colours which are explicitly used for diverse applications. Some of the varieties are as follows:

sand brick pathways 

Concrete Sand is course sand containing some minor aggregate. It is most commonly used in cement mixtures for concrete and as a joint filling substance for paving stones. Alternate uses include soil aeration and sidewalk spread for traction in the winter.

Fill Sand is unwashed, unprocessed sand which often contains some clay content. It is frequently used as packing sand underneath foundations, concrete and around underground services such as pipes, conduit, etc.

Garden Sand is course sand comprised some smaller pieces. It is regularly used for aerating soils. Additionally, it can be utilized in cement mixes for concrete and spreading over sidewalks for traction in the winter.

Play or Masonry Sand is a very fine, screened sand that is typically tan in colour. This type of sand is commonly used as a base sand for paving stones, sidewalk blocks and retaining walls. It is alternately used in stucco and cement applications.

The short list above contains just a select few of the many types of sand and rock that we carry. At Rockland Landscaping Supplies, we deliver a huge variety of sand, rocks, soils and mulches and can deliver up to 32 yards at a time. We also offer boulder delivery and placement with our picker/boom truck. This truck also enables us to deliver pallets of retaining wall blocks, sidewalk blocks and paving stones.

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