Lower maintenance lawns are getting more and more popular each year. Finding different ways to decrease the amount of grass in your front and backyard can lower your reliance on watering, chemical fertilizers and weekend mowing. The best part of all? There are numerous beautiful alternatives to a traditional lawn that you can incorporate into your landscape.

The following is a list of decorative stone options to consider for your next landscaping project:

limestone rock edmonton 

Limestone Rock is an angular rock with a beautiful blend of greys and blues in colour. It is most appropriately used along houses or in flowerbeds.

Rainbow Rock is obtained from a riverbed, where over time the pressure results in it being rounded and very smooth. It contains a plethora of beautiful pink, orange, blue, and purple colours that are perhaps the loveliest in pond applications where the stones are sitting in water. It is also quite commonly used along houses and sometimes around trees.

Lava Rock is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that helps facilitate plant growth and retains moisture. It can be utilized in atriums, planters, pots, shrub beds, and as a natural filtration system in ponds. It is also used as a more sophisticated looking alternative to red shale.

Red Shale is an ashy orange coloured stone used most frequently as ground cover along houses and often around shrubs and trees.

Rundle Rock is dark grey in colour and works well for creating pathways or as a base for paving stones. It comes in a variety of different sizes, including finer pieces, and larger chunks.

The short list above contains just a select few of the many types of decorative rock that we supply. At Rockland Landscaping Supplies, we have a huge variety of rocks, soils and mulches and can carry up to 32 yards at a time. We also offer boulder delivery and placement with our picker/boom truck. This truck also enables us to deliver pallets of retaining wall blocks, sidewalk blocks and paving stones.

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