Spring is on its way and along with that usually comes the annual ritual of getting your yard ready for the warmer weather of Summertime. You may feel overwhelmed by the task at times, but Rockland can lead you through the process of conducting an analysis of your yard and determining your priorities and discovering if you need help from professional landscapers.

Do I Have Trees, Shrubs, and Hedges? Is your yard bare of anything except grass? If its absent of trees, shrubs and hedges you should have some planted to protect soil from erosion due to wind and rainfall. They also provide shade for people that use the yard.

  • How many trees do I have in my yard?
  • Do I have a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees?
  • Have the trees been pruned in the last year?
  • Have you checked for holes in the tree trunks?
  • Did you see signs of decay such as dead branches and twigs on your trees?
  • Are there any signs of a fungus on the tree?
  • Do you have any shrubs or bushes in your yard?
  • Have your shrubs or hedges been pruned in the past year?
  • Did you check your shrubs and hedges for health and pest infestation?
  • Are your shrubs or hedges the right colour and are they flowering as they should?

Do I Have Flowers and Colourful Plants? You need some colour in your yard to give it visual interest. One great way to achieve this is to plant flowers and in your yard, or put out flower pots, to increase the appeal of your yard. This will also attract butterflies and birds to your yard.

  • Are there any flowers in your yard?
  • Do you have a variety of colours and flower species?
  • Have your flower beds been weeded?
  • Are your flower pots the correct size to prevent plant crowding and allow the growth of roots?
  • Have you checked the flowers for health and possible bug infestation?

Do You Have Healthy Grass? Your grass is the base of your yard and signs of ill health can be an indication that there are significant issues with your soil that may impact all of your plants and flowers.

  • Have you analyzed your grass?
  • Does your yard have a lot of weeds?
  • Does it have brown spots?
  • Does the grass seem to have circles in random spots? (This is a sign of a fungus in the soil.)
  • Have you applied a natural fertilizer to your grass?

Did I Check My Stone and Concrete? Stone and concrete can be a beautiful addition to a yard and provide accessibility for people to enjoy the yard. You should keep your stone or concrete well maintained so it looks great for years into the future.

  • Did you check the concrete or stonework in your yard?
  • Does the concrete or stone have cracks?
  • Do you see any potholes or gouges in the concrete or stone?
  • Does the concrete or stone have oil stains from your vehicle?
  • Any other unsightly blemishes or discolouration that should be fixed?

Do I Have Anything Interesting in my Yard? If you look at your yard and it doesn't excite you, or inspire a feeling outside of boredom, you deserve better! A simple addition of entertaining space can make your yard a draw for your family and make you proud to show off your home for get-togethers and special occasions.

  • Do you have kids? Make a place for them to play.
  • Do you have an area that can be used for entertaining? Add or maintain an outdoor kitchen, concrete/stone pad to place a barbeque, fire pit or fireplace.
  • Does your yard have an area for seating? You could create a stone patio or create seating with hardscape.
  • Are there any water features such as a waterfall or pond?
Is your yard in need of some work? Call Rockland Landscaping Supplies at (780) 239-7625 or send us an e-mail at info@rocklandsupplies.com and we would be glad to help you complete these tasks and get your yard looking exquisite for Summer.