A successful business relationship doesn't happen overnight, it takes effort. The company providing your service needs to be conscientious and ensure operations progress efficiently for the benefit of their customers. Likewise, customers also have some responsibilities to ensure that they are satisfied with the service they receive. Rockland wants to provide our visitors with some tips on how they can help their snow removal run as smoothly as possible.

Be Open and Diligent with Communication

One of the most essential factors in keeping your snow removal service running without a hitch is to make sure you are communicating clearly with Rockland. This is why a written contract is beneficial, as it allows for expectations to be established between both parties and guidelines to be set out regarding the level of service for the established price. Open communication ensures there are no misunderstandings about the work to be completed and the needs of your business are met by allowing Rockland to take immediate action on urgent matters that concern you.

Provide a Time Frame to Clear Snow

It's really helpful to have an established time for clearing snow that allows for our contractors to be on site while your business isn't busy. You wouldn't want us clearing snow when the parking lot filled with customers! If you are proactive you can have your service performed at night when your business is closed. You can help out by keeping a record of your traffic and communicating convenient times for Rockland to complete service.

Conduct a Site Walk

It can be beneficial for your organization and Rockland if we conduct a site walk together. This allows both parties to examine the property and determine where snow piles can be made. We want those piles out of the way of customers to keep the parking lot flowing properly. Landscaping features will also be identified during this site walk. Rockland will ensure that we take care with spreading salt or sand in these areas, which can be detrimental to the trees and plants. We will also take note of curbs, manholes, and emergency doors to avoid damage when they are covered in snow.

We want everyone who works with us to be a happy customer. Rockland believes that this involves the collaboration between us and our customers. We work together to make sure that the snow removal service is a positive, hassle free experience. Contact us by calling (780) 239-7625, or e-mailing info@rocklandsupplies.com,